If I keep repeating this, would you finally believe me? If I would tell you again and again, that what you see is real? I can’t deny that all of this will cease to exist in the end. But I can try to understand the perish of paper and ink. If my memories slowly start to fade and I keep trying to fit all the pieces where I thought they belonged, can you pretend I’m right?
How many copies do I need to prove that I still think of you? Even though you have been gone for a while now. If I keep repeating this, would you finally believe me?

I longed for a place where I could ask all of my questions. Questions that will never have answers. I needed a place to store them, to let them breath. Time seemed to go faster than ever before and all I wanted was to stop and listen. I started collecting photographic images, both my own and that of others. With these I created an archive in which I often wander. I stumble through empty houses and meet silent strangers. Here I have the ability to change whatever I want, reality doesn’t matter. Time has nothing to say.

I combine and merge my collections of images into collages, installations and photographic series.
By using the copying machine I can create as much new versions of my constructions as I want, but they also fade quickly. I keep changing them, giving them new shapes.

This project is about the search for a nonexistent space in which you can get lost as much as you want. Where unanswered questions can rest and their voices can keep echoing in my landscapes until I know where they belong.